The Prestige (13+, 130mins) Directed by Christopher Nolan *****

Every nice magic trick consists of three acts.

The first known as The Pledge; the magician reveals you one thing unusual, however after all it in all probability is not. The second act is The Turn; the magician makes his unusual one thing do one thing extraordinary.

Now if you happen to’re on the lookout for the key, you will not discover it. That’s why there is a third act known as, The Prestige; that is the half with the twists and turns, the place lives hold within the steadiness, and also you see one thing surprising you’ve got by no means seen earlier than.

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Enthusiastic college students of magic, Alfred Bordern (Christian Bale) and Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) are extraordinarily aware of the above components. Two younger Victorian England gents dedicated to an phantasm, they purpose to push the boundaries within the identify of leisure and provides the viewers one thing new.

Each has his personal model. Bordern (aka The Professor) is a risk-taker, not afraid to get his arms soiled to realize the unimaginable, whereas Angier (aka The Great Danton) is the final word showman – a slick, however secure consummate skilled.

They by no means meant to harm anybody, however when a trick goes horribly pear-shaped, the 2 find yourself turning into extra than simply skilled rivals.

Obsessed with outshining one another, their acts of subterfuge and sabotage proceed to escalate till one in all them is charged with the opposite’s homicide.

Even 15 years on, The Prestige is a reminder of the potent power of a little showmanship and superior storytelling.


Even 15 years on, The Prestige is a reminder of the potent energy of somewhat showmanship and superior storytelling.

Based on Christopher Priest’s complicated 1995 novel of the identical identify, The Prestige is a darkish, dense and devilishly intelligent drama from writer-director Christopher Nolan – maybe his most entertaining and under-rated film.

Adapting the story along with his brother Jonathan (Memento), Nolan jettisons the e-book’s modern-day body and tweaks a couple of different very important components, ratcheting the rivalry and recriminations up a good few notches.

Prestige’s jigsaw plot additionally permits him to discover his acquainted early themes of obsession (Insomnia), flawed, defective heroes (Memento) and the darkish corners of the human coronary heart (Batman Begins).

Some might battle with its story-within-a-story-within-a- story and non-linear construction, however the payoff is properly well worth the head-scratching.


Christopher Nolan has directed a few of cinema’s largest blockbusters within the final 20 years.

As in Memento, Insomnia and the later Dark Knight and Inception, his biggest trick is subverting the viewers’s expectations and making them shift their sympathies between characters. As everyone knows too properly now, no-one must be seen in black-or-white phrases in a Nolan film.

Collaborating as soon as once more with cinematographer Wally Pfister, Nolan’s stalking, gliding digicam and wonderful use of sunshine and shadow heighten the suspense and fantastical components, whereas David Julyan’s haunting rating accommodates simply the correct quantity of menace to go away the viewers somewhat unnerved.

Although taking part in with kind, Bale’s (Nolan’s Batman) bovver boy and Jackman’s (X-Men’s Wolverine) posh toff are nice examples of good casting. As he confirmed in American Psycho and The Machinist, Bale is excellent in the case of inhabiting a job and evoking sympathy throughout the darkness, whereas Jackman excels at portraying these extra privileged in life (The Greatest Showman the newest instance of many).

Christian Bale and Hugh Hackman play rival magicians in Christopher Nolan's The Prestige.


Christian Bale and Hugh Hackman play rival magicians in Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige.

The pair are aided by an especially spectacular supporting solid. Nolan’s tailsman Michael Caine (the Bat-trilogy, Interstellar) perfected his scene-stealing right here, Rebecca Hall (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Iron Man 3) is mesmerising as Bordern’s long-suffering spouse, whereas Scarlett Johansson (Marvel’s Black Widow) proves the magician’s philosophy {that a} fairly assistant is an important type of misdirection.

Also look out for terrific cameos from Sir Peter Jackson’s go-to man Andy Serkis and the skinny white duke himself David Bowie.

Even 15 years on, The Prestige is a reminder of the potent energy of somewhat showmanship and superior storytelling. Just ensure you are watching very carefully.

The Prestige is now out there to stream in Netflix.


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