They’ve been the saving grace of life in lockdown, our heartwarming, cortisol-lowering, loneliness-dispelling fur buddies – and this time is not any exception.

From pooches to pusses to rodents, our pets assist us to remain collected, and even encourage us to get out of the home and out of our personal heads. They want us, and that helps us preserve our minds off our worries and woes.

We’d like to see your lockdown pets. Send us a photograph of your furry work-from-home colleagues at homed@stuff.co.nz – remember to incorporate their title (and yours)!

”[Having a dog is] a stronger hyperlink to the exterior. His psychological well being is kinda driving my very own,” says Bailey Palmer, whose canine Dexter is a more moderen addition to her menagerie of cats and chooks. “He’s gonna be taking me outside a lot more than I would’ve gone if he wasn’t here.”

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So right here’s to our fur buddies, our true soul mates, our pets. We love you guys.

Charlie makes some edits to Stuff reporter Kate Green's work.

Kate Green/Stuff

Charlie makes some edits to Stuff reporter Kate Green’s work.

“This is Charlie – he stepped on the keys right after this was taken, and typed ‘nooooooooooooooooooooooooo’, which I can relate to,” says Charlie’s proprietor, Stuff reporter Kate Green.

“I had to set her up with her own laptop,” says Sara Passmore, whose cat Shadow loves it when she works from house. “I think she’s mostly looking at auctions on TradeMe.”

A horse named Bear is Tirau resident Pixie Williams’ WFH companion. “He makes a great office manager.”

Having a dog means mandatory fresh air for all three kids during lockdown, says Coco's owner, Katy Atkin. She's also a great companion and guard dog when Atkin is home alone.

Katy Atkin/Stuff

Having a canine means obligatory recent air for all three children throughout lockdown, says Coco’s proprietor, Katy Atkin. She’s additionally an ideal companion and guard canine when Atkin is house alone.

Bestie, strolling buddy and 2-year-old rescue canine Coco, is “happy to be a blanket to anyone lying down watching TV”.

“She’s enjoying us being home, stealing scraps from kids lunches and bathing in the sunbeams in the living room,” says proprietor Katy Atkin.

Lockdown could be robust for Gordon, whose proprietor Greg Ellis says is a individuals magnet.

“If they don’t [love him] or ignore him he gets all depressed. If someone walks past him in the street without stopping he legit sighs.”

Scarlett tests the feline theory: "If it fits, I sits".

Sian Gray/Stuff

Scarlett exams the feline concept: “If it fits, I sits”.

Who says dogs and cats can't love one another.... and sit on their owner's desk during working hours? Indy and Luna are chill as.

Gabrielle Palmer/Supplied

Who says canines and cats cannot love each other…. and sit on their proprietor’s desk throughout working hours? Indy and Luna are chill as.

Also chill: Indy and Luna’s avian pet-cousins, Delilah (white) and Gertie (Shaver), who take a flip spherical the solar dappled backyard with proprietor Bailey Palmer.

Lewis Comer, 10, of Timaru, tries to do house studying on Thursday however Fox, aka Tubbs, has different concepts.

The staff at Great Scott Communications share their furry (and never so furry) WFH companions:

Hearthside buddies Jojo the chook and Badger the canine preserve it cosy throughout Lockdown.

Owner Michele Perry-Madsen says these two are best buds.

Michele Perry-Madsen/Supplied

Owner Michele Perry-Madsen says these two are finest buds.

Tory Regan’s lockdown buddies are Mandy, Little, Jake and Will, who “helped” put up a pair of scratching towers, a “good lockdown project”.

“They are very happy kitties,” says Regan. “Although it won’t take them long to be done with their human being home during lockdown. It disturbs them from their daily cat activities.”

Mandy, Little, Jake and Will may not have opposable thumbs, but...


Mandy, Little, Jake and Will could not have opposable thumbs, however…


They love us, entertain us and preserve us from going stir loopy… they’re our furry Lockdown buddies.


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