It’s a foregone conclusion that Tim and Arty will win Do-Over Week, and pocket the $7000 – as a result of they solely have to raised a pitiful rating of 6.5 out of 30 for his or her entry corridor and powder room.

But they blow it huge time. Accused of breaking the principles through the use of a vacuum cleaner within the kitchen after “tools down”, they’re disqualified. But that isn’t all – they’re then caught dishonest after they take away a chunk of masking tape on a skylight after hours.

It’s gutting for the lads, however they need to have identified higher. This is The Block after all, and guidelines are guidelines. There’s lots at stake.

Tim and Arty get the bad news that they have been disqualified for breaking the rules - twice.


Tim and Arty get the dangerous information that they’ve been disqualified for breaking the principles – twice.

As it seems, they might have gained the reveal, as a result of the team that betters its previous rating by essentially the most factors wins. And they do an incredible job.

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Presenter Mark attracts a line by means of the judges’ scores after which says, disingenuously: “Believe me, this hurts me more than it hurts you.” No it doesn’t.

Tim and Arty excel with their gallery-style entry, with the judges saying even the front door is an artwork in itself.


Tim and Arty excel with their gallery-style entry, with the judges saying even the entrance door is an paintings in itself.

Then Mark drops one other bombshell, and it’s huge – a second team has been caught breaking the principles. And we’re left in suspense until Monday night time, questioning who it is, and who the winner will likely be. Everyone, understandably, seems nervous.

In phrases of viewing, this is The Block at its greatest, however these appear such minor infringements. It’s powerful.

Despite the end result, nonetheless, we love what Tim and Arty have finished with their art-gallery entry. It’s an effective way to enter the home, giving an actual sense of arrival. They have a entrance door with glass panels, as properly as skylights, so there is loads of pure mild. And they line the wall with fascinating artwork. And they exchange their poor curtains within the residing areas. Perfect.

The entry to Tim and Arty's house is especially inviting.


The entry to Tim and Arty’s home is particularly inviting.

The judges like it: “This isn’t miserable-ist at all,” admits Ann-Louise – a reference to an earlier assertion.

“Isn’t this fantastic? It has just come together like a big art gallery,” says Lauren.

“The simplicity of what they have done makes sense now,” says Chris. “It’s a great journey.”

Connie and Rach

Connie and Rach look set to win now that Tim and Arty are out – relying on who else may get disqualified on Monday. They select to vary out their kitchen and eating space, which is an apparent alternative. Their glass-walled eating room was panned by the judges first time round, and the upholstered inexperienced bench seat within the kitchen appeared a little bit a ready room.

This is Connie and Rach's revised breakfast nook. The rug is a great choice.


This is Connie and Rach’s revised breakfast nook. The rug is an incredible alternative.

Things are fairly determined for these two. They are in debt to their builder, who is clearly not thrilled about it – it will likely be fascinating to see how this pans out. We surmise they may find yourself owing “the Bank of Mark”, which can increase their reserve on public sale night time.

They take away the notorious black mirror wall, swap out the appalling hanging flower association mild for a contemporary becoming, and usher in a brand new oak table-top made by their builder, who does an incredible job. The change is miraculous.

Much improved, additionally, is the nook bench seat, which now boasts a round timber desk for these espresso mugs, and an excellent rug.

“It’s just a whole new space,” says Lauren. “Less Instagram-worthy and more like a home.”

Ann-Louise loves the brand new breakfast desk. And they all desire the revised eating room. (Who wouldn’t?) “Everything now makes a lot more sense,” says Chris. “It’s a very pleasant dining room.”

“The light fitting is so much better,” says Ann-Louise. “But then it couldn’t have been worse, could it?”

They touch upon one thing we famous on our tour of the houses on Friday – the curtains. They don’t see the necessity for them.

Meg and Dan

This couple are fixing up their teenager’s bed room, which had some very busy wallpaper that no-one actually appreciated. But they’re additionally ending a toilet, and swapping out the doorways on their bar within the “whiskey lounge” for timber ones.

This is Meg and Dan's do-over teenage girl's room. It's simple, but the judges feel the textural layering keeps it interesting, but they need to lose the plastic floral headband swinging of the bedside light on the left.


This is Meg and Dan’s do-over teenage lady’s room. It’s easy, however the judges really feel the textural layering retains it fascinating, however they should lose the plastic floral headband swinging of the bedside mild on the left.

Their teenage boy’s room turns into a primarily white teenage lady’s room – this is the room that will get judged.

“Oh fantastic, this is better suited to the space,” says Lauren.

“It’s amazing how different it feels, because it felt so busy. This just lets it sing,” says Ann-Louise. ”It’s acquired that softness, however there’s sufficient depth, as a result of they’ve layered up the textures.”

Chris feels it tones very properly with the remainder of the home. He calls it “sensible” and will get teased by the others who really feel that’s a synonym for boring, which his rating of seven out of 10 would counsel.

The bar in Meg and Dan's upstairs "whiskey lounge" now has timber doors that give it a lot more visual warmth, which is in keeping with the rest of the room.


The bar in Meg and Dan’s upstairs “whiskey lounge” now has timber doorways that give it much more visible heat, which is consistent with the remainder of the room.

Dylan and Keegan

Dylan and sister Maddie are redoing their children’ bed room, to make it extra like, properly, a children’ room. Keegan is still recovering from his broken ribs, and lower than a lot.

They paint the partitions within the room, and we see an incredible shot of Maddie touching up paint on the skirting boards, resting a paint pot on the carpet with no dropsheet. Wow, such confidence.

Dylan, Keegan and Maddie change out their kids' room, but the judges are not hugely impressed.


Dylan, Keegan and Maddie change out their children’ room, however the judges aren’t vastly impressed.

They reupholster the prevailing bedheads and zhuzh up the bedding to nice impact. It’s extra playful; there’s extra orange, together with the navy to make sure visible continuity, which is one thing this team does very properly.

The judges acknowledge the advance. The team has chosen nice quilt covers patterned with animal sketches, and matching koala and kangaroo prints.

Chris: “There’s not a lot to get excited about in this space.”

They aren’t too eager on the various shades of impartial tones within the two paint colors and wallpaper. “I don’t think they are happy together,” says Ann-Louise.

Don't do this at home: Maddie touches up the skirting boards, but doesn't bother with a dropsheet.


Don’t do that at dwelling: Maddie touches up the skirting boards, however would not hassle with a dropsheet.

“The judges expected more from you,” says presenter Mark. “They feel you have really missed the mark this week.”

Dylan is unimpressed with their reasoning, since he says it was actually solely about enhancing the room and that’s what they need to have been judged on. Which is a good level. Chris truly scored them decrease than first time round. Ouch. They didn’t deserve that.

In abstract:

  • It’s interim scores solely this week: Tim and Arty ($4357.66) 18.5 (out of 20) DISQUALIFIED; Connie and Rach ($3633.34) 17; Meg and Dan ($3707.69) 15.5; Dylan and Keegan ($1345.45) 12.
  • While considerably embarrassing, this is a minor setback for Tim and Arty. We appreciated their home greatest after we toured on Friday, and we gained’t be alone.


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