Jason & Tabitha Petersen have been told they have four weeks to remove a row of newly planted trees or face prosecution.


Jason & Tabitha Petersen have been instructed they have four weeks to remove a row of newly planted trees or face prosecution.

A court docket has dominated a Taranaki couple should remove newly planted trees that New Plymouth District Council says are encroaching on to public land and hindering visibility.

Yet trees on the alternative aspect of the driveway of Jason and Tabitha Petersen’s Tikorangi property, and a non-compliant fence, can stay.

“I’m just really disappointed and gutted,” Tabitha stated.

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New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) contacted the couple, who have lived on the deal with for 13 years, four months after they planted trees on the japanese aspect of their driveway.

The council stated the trees intruded on to public land, had been a visitors security problem, and had to go; nevertheless, the extra mature trees on the opposite aspect of the driveway might keep.

The trees on the eastern side of the driveway need to be removed, yet the trees on the western side do not.


The trees on the japanese aspect of the driveway want to be eliminated, but the trees on the western aspect don’t.

“They’re exactly the same on the other side of the driveway, which is absolutely stupid,” Petersen stated.

NPDC took the couple to the New Plymouth District Court on the finish of July, the place it was dominated that they’d till the top of August to remove the trees or face prosecution.

Peterson stated they’d wished a council consultant to come out to the property to talk about a decision.

“They just don’t want to budge, basically,” she added. “They won’t come out and won’t talk to us, which is what we’re really disappointed in.”

These trees on the left of Jason and Tabitha Petersen's driveway can stay, but those on the right must be removed by the end of the month.


These trees on the left of Jason and Tabitha Petersen’s driveway can keep, however these on the proper should be eliminated by the top of the month.

“It is a factor of do it or face prosecution, we’re left with no option,” she stated.

“I’m really disgusted by NPDC that that’s the way they want to take it.

“We could have had a resolution.”

NPDC Transport supervisor Rui Leitao was happy with the best way the council had dealt with the matter.

“We make no apology for putting the safety of our staff first, and at its heart this matter is about avoiding a land grab so all ratepayers are treated the same, which the independent District Court agreed with,” he stated in an emailed assertion.

There had additionally been a difficulty with a fence the couple put up on what they thought was their boundary, the place an outdated fence had been, however NPDC has waived the problem.


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