An 18-year-old guitarist had to improvise to make the instrument work for him.

Dillon Gazandlare was born lacking his left hand under the elbow, however that did not cease him from making an attempt to hit the correct notes.

“It came off while I was in the womb,” he informed CTV News. “The umbilical cord wrapped around where my hand was.”

He was bullied as a child, however now he hopes that he can inspire folks along with his music.

“I hope to take it as far as I can. I want to bring a message of mental health, and all that, with it as well because I did deal with a lot of mental health issues when I was younger,” he mentioned.

Gazandlare grew up in a musical household, and he wasn’t about to be not noted, so he created what he calls an “apparatus” to assist him play.

“I just covered the entire end of my stump with just tape and worked around it,” he mentioned.

The self-taught musician makes common changes to his equipment to make it operate how he wants it to, including components to maintain it in place, a tiny pic on the tip.

And he hasn’t simply stopped on the guitar — Gazandlare has pushed himself to study the piano, drums and ukulele.

“I’d say push back against your anxiety,” he mentioned. “It’s meant to take care of you as well, don’t push it back all the time, but push it back when you want to, when you need to.”


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