third J. Ramírez doubled to left heart, Rosario scored. 11 0 third Rosario tripled to left, Giménez scored, Hedges scored and Straw scored. 10 0 third Straw singled to left, Miller scored, Hedges to second, Giménez to 3rd. 7 0 2nd J. Ramírez homered to proper (376 ft), Hedges scored. 6 0 2nd Rosario grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Giménez scored, Straw out at second, Hedges to 3rd. 4 0 2nd Hedges doubled to deep proper, Mercado scored and Miller scored, Giménez to 3rd. 3 0 2nd Miller grounded into fielder’s option to second, Zimmer scored on error by catcher Greiner, Mercado to second. 1 0


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