Heres how Microsoft plans to stop software privacy

Software piracy — or relatively any kind of piracy — is problematic and has been round for years now. Microsoft now has a plan to counter the threats of software piracy. According to a report by TechRadar, Microsoft researchers need to use blockchain to struggle the issue of piracy.

In a analysis paper, Microsoft stated, “Anti-piracy is fundamentally a procedure that relies on collecting data from the open anonymous population, so how to incentivise credible reporting is a question at the center of the problem.”

To cope with the problem, Microsoft needs to create a system — known as Argus — which is constructed on Ethereum blockchain and can enable customers to anonymously report piracy. In alternate of reporting piracy circumstances, Microsoft can pay a bounty — some kind of monetary file.

The report additional says that the system will “trace pirated content back to the source by using a unique watermark that corresponds with a secret code. When pirated content is then reported, the status of the source (licensee) will be changed to “accused” after which to “guilty” if an attraction is denied.”

In the analysis paper, Microsoft stated that the present techniques haven’t confirmed to be actually efficient. “Industrial alliances and companies are running anti-piracy incentive campaigns, but their effectiveness is publicly questioned due to the lack of transparency. We believe that full transparency of a campaign is necessary to truly incentivize people.”

The concept isn’t fully new as a South African firm had the same concept a couple of years again. Microsoft, nevertheless, says that its system is sensible and safe. “With the security and practicality of Argus, we hope real-world anti-piracy campaigns will be truly effective by shifting to a fully transparent incentive mechanism,” the researchers added.

There’s no clear timeline on when Microsoft will really roll out the system.



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